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Startups use Minsilo to organize their strategies, implement tried-and-tested execution plans, and get out of disconnected docs.

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"Minsilo alleviated the overhead of status reporting, so we have more time to focus on demos and building culture during our daily standups."

Build the right strategy and unlock fewer processes, managers, and meetings.
No matter how you approach strategy, Minsilo is designed to help you get it all in one place – where your team can make it happen.

Craft a winning plan

Connect your whole team to the strategy that drives your business. Clearly communicate your vision and values. Empower your team to think strategically and act together toward a common goal.

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Strategic Initiatives: clearly communicate every detail of your strategy to your team.
Hypothesis Testing: validate your strategy using the Lean hypothesis testing methodology, and easily keep track of the results of your tests.
Mission, Vision, and Values: create a shared sense of purpose for your people.

Make your day-to-day strategic

Minsilo enables fewer meetings, faster outcomes, and a more responsive company. Quickly turn new ideas into action, while staying aligned to the big picture.

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Goals: measure and track your Objectives and Key Results, at a project, team or company level.
Tasks: keep track of your todo items right inside of your standups, goals, and strategies.
Standups: asynchronously share what you're working on with your team, either from the Minsilo app or Slack.
Meeting Minutes: one single place for all of your meeting notes to go. Easily track decisions, action items, and takeaways.

Keep everybody on the same page

Communication doesn't have to become cumbersome as you grow. Minsilo provides you with the tools your team needs to stay aligned and focused on the work that matters.

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Connections: link the work your team does to goals and strategy.
Annotations: provide context and clarity around how execution relates to strategy.
Decision Matrix: use RACI, DACI, or any framework you choose to assign your team members to the right roles for every goal and strategic initiative.

Get your strategy right, the first time