Press Release: Announcing Minsilo

BOSTON — Feb. 6, 2019 — Minsilo today announced the launch of their new alignment management software platform. The web-based software platform helps companies achieve organizational alignment by connecting day-to-day execution with goals, strategy, and purpose. To learn more about the software and its capabilities, visit Minsilo’s website.

“One of the biggest untapped growth opportunities for companies today is organizational alignment,” noted Minsilo CEO, Ryan Leaf. “There has been considerable research and innovation made around building highly effective and aligned organizations, but much of this research has been historically difficult for leaders to successfully implement within their companies.”

Leaf continued, “the challenge of alignment is fundamentally human — it’s all about getting the right people working together on the right things. As the pace of innovation continues to accelerate, and the competitive landscape for companies becomes harder to navigate, it’s no longer feasible for businesses to neglect getting their people on the same page and working at peak performance.”

“We believe that better organizational alignment — regardless of company size or industry — is not only essential to long-term survival, but is also an opportunity for companies to grow,” added Ryan Leaf.

According to Minsilo, the key benefits to aligning organizations are:

  • Improved employee engagement and decreased employee turnover.
  • Fewer communication silos, creating a more cohesive workforce that is able to collaboratively address evolving business challenges.
  • Increased organizational agility, especially regarding the delivery of new products.
  • Better financial performance, including revenue growth, cost savings, higher operational efficiency.

The company mentioned that “while many companies are aware of the importance of organizational alignment, actually implementing strategies that foster alignment has been notoriously difficult to scale. And, as companies get larger or undergo mergers and acquisitions, integrating the entire organization becomes considerably more difficult. Communication scales exponentially, rather than linearly in most organizations.”

In order to help their customers align their organizations, Minsilo is rolling out several key features, including:

  • Organizational goal and performance management based around the Objectives and Key Results and SMART goal frameworks. Goals can be set at the team, department, and company-wide levels.
  • Tools to support a culture shift from success based around task completion to success around business impact made, including a “Contributions” feature that lets individual contributors connect their work back to bigger picture goals or flag specific work as “misaligned.”
  • Dashboard for managing and communicating company purpose and strategy.

Minsilo has announced publicly several other features that are listed on the company’s website.

“In addition to software, we’re selling companies a culture change that shifts focus away from the ‘what’ of execution to the underlying ‘why’. Our aim is to move the conversation away from task execution to delivering business impact. We envision a future where organizations consist of people who share a deep understanding of what they’re trying to accomplish and work together to make it a reality,” concluded Leaf.

Minsilo will be generally available on April 8th, 2019.

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Ryan Leaf

Ryan is the founder of Minsilo. He is passionate about autonomous teams, the future of work, and organizational alignment. Previously, Ryan was a software architect at Cobu. You can follow Ryan on Twitter at @RyanLeafPM.