43 and Counting: A Complete List of Software Tools for Alignment in 2020

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Every Organizational Alignment Tool We Know Of (List)

Below are are all of the alignment software tools that we know of. We’ve broken them into individual section by the primary methodology that they implement. Some of the tools listed below fit into multiple categories; we classify those tools by the category they self-identify most strongly with.

Alignment Management Methodology Tools

The Alignment Management Methodology comprises of several popular frameworks, including Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), SMART, RACI, and the 4 Disciplines of Execution. It also incorporates specific elements for managing alignment directly in organizations.

Currently, the only tool that checks every box for the Alignment Management Methodology is Minsilo. You can learn more about Minsilo here.

Pricing (updated October 2020): Free for up to 10 users. Then, $7 / user / month when billed annually ($10 / user / month when billed monthly).

Availability: Available here for self-registration.

Objectives & Key Results Tools

The majority of alignment tools implement the Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) methodology. Some also include other capabilities. We’ve listed each of these tools below. This section is ranked by the website’s Alexa score.


Asana is a popular and widely used project management tool. While it still focuses heavily on project management, the company has recently added a Goals feature that helps companies implement OKRs.

Pricing (updated October 2020): $24.99 per month when billed annually (per user)

SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals

SuccessFactor is a long-running HRIS tool that is used primarily in large enterprises. This sub-product, Performance & Goals, adds a layer for managers to set and track goals for their employees.

Pricing: Contact sales


Monday.com is a popular alternative to spreadsheets. As a customizable database, users can create custom workflows and dashboards that allow them to manage alignment. It is popularly used by marketing teams to manage campaigns and projects.

Pricing (updated October 2020: Free for 5 users, then $10 / user / month (billed annually)


Wrike is a “work management platform” designed for organizations. It incorporates a number of features to connect different functions within a company using a single tool. One feature in the product is the ability to create and manage goals using the OKRs framework.

Pricing (updated October 2020): Free for up to 5 users. Several plans ranging from $9.80 / user / month to $24.80 / user / month.

Workfront Align

Workfront Align (previously Atiim) is an enterprise-focused work management solution. It helps companies communicate clear objectives, using the OKRs framework. It also helps keep teams aligned, by providing the option of cascading goals through an organization.

Pricing (updated October 2020): Contact sales

Other OKRs tools

Here are the remaining OKRs and alignment tools:

Non-OKRs Tools

In addition to tools for OKRs, there are tools for other methodologies.

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