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NEW YORK — Nov. 14, 2019 — We’re excited to announce the launch of Minsilo Start, our self-service onboarding platform.

One thing we believe very deeply about at Minsilo is giving more than you take and giving before you ask for something in return. We don’t expect you to give us anything, but we hope we provide enough value that you want to build a relationship with us. Giving is part of our ethos as a company and we think this is a great way to live that ethos.

That led us to build Minsilo Start, which helps you with:

  • Creating good goals using the OKR and SMART frameworks. Even if you’ve never done this before, we help coach you through the process of setting good goals.
  • Establishing and communicating accountability using the RACI framework. RACI is commonly used by product managers (and even project managers) in companies of all sizes to communicate levels of responsibility and accountability in all sorts of business endeavors.
  • Setting the right foundation for your team. There’s a popular saying that says “what gets measured, gets managed.” We think it’s critical that you not only set goals, but you set the right goals that are aligned your business strategy and are bound to reality.

This is the starting point for effectively managing your team in a world of distractions, endless work schedules, and never-ending backlogs. Setting context and managing alignment is not just a one-time event: it’s a continuous effort that requires skill and follow through.

Start is intended to help you get started with alignment management and then give you the option of subscribing to the full Minsilo platform. You can stop after you create really strong goals, but we think the value in Minsilo is in the day-to-day execution of alignment management.

Why did you create Minsilo Start?

There are numerous options out there for creating OKRs (and far fewer tools for following through and creating accountability and managing day-to-day alignment). Many of these tools do roughly the same thing.

But, there’s only one problem with goal setting… it’s hard to be successful on your own, if you’ve never done it before.

Some vendors make you talk to sales before seeing the product

For one, good vendors have been requiring you to fill out a form and schedule a demo with a salesperson before you can even try their platforms. While I’m like most of you in that I don’t like to talk to salespeople, the point of sales when adopting a goal tracking solution is 50% to get you to convert and 50% to educate you on how to use these platforms.

That is, there’s a legitimate reason for getting you on the phone with a person who can help you understand the value of an OKR system.

Others set you up for failure

This is better than the alternative: just dumping you into a tool without any guidance on how to use it. Giving you the tool with no guidance on how to set it up and make it part of your team’s routine is a recipe for failure. It’s like showing up to football practice early in the season, but failing to show up for the game. For seasoned executives who have done this before, this might not be a challenge. But even I need a reminder on how to write good goals and manage my team effectively.

One of our vendors recently remarked about her journey of trying to bring OKRs to her team, after the CEO of her organization asked them to roll the framework out in Q2:

I was stuck between trying to teach my team how to use the system or getting them to read a book on the subject. I’m so glad I read about [OKRs] before, so I could communicate the value to my team and slowly work through the goals with them. I’m not even sure I would have bought into the framework if I had to first read a book.

I don’t feel like the goals are as helpful as they could be; it’s not that goal setting and OKRs is bad, but rather I don’t know if we set good goals.

It would have been really helpful to have something that could have made the process of getting my team on board easier.

We think there’s a way to be successful with OKRs / SMART / RACI without having to talk to a salesperson

We think there’s an easier way. What if you could get the same level of service without needing to talk to a person? At 11PM on a Sunday in your PJs? Without the pressure of someone trying to hit quota. Without feeling like you’re making a buying decision for the whole company.

That’s our aim with Start, the easiest way for your team to get started with alignment management. You don’t even have to believe us — go ahead and try it for yourself.

(Photo Credit: Photo by Tim van der Kuip on Unsplash)

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Ryan Leaf

Ryan is the founder of Minsilo. He is passionate about autonomous teams, the future of work, and organizational alignment. Previously, Ryan was a software architect at Cobu. You can follow Ryan on Twitter at @RyanLeafPM.