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Minsilo provides the right consulting services to help accelerate your organization and enable you to drive digital transformation. We work specifically with technology-forward organizations that are looking to make strategic alignment and operational excellence a cornerstone of their business.

What we offer

  • In-depth evaluation of your organization's performance.
  • Expertise in strategic and organizational alignment.
  • Tested processes and frameworks for managing alignment at scale.
  • Change management support, specialized in getting buy-in from stakeholders on all sides of your organization.
  • Innovation consulting, primarily utilizing Lean and Agile principles.

How we're different than traditional consultants

  • We're a technology company.
  • We don't just deliver a presentation - we give you the tools, knowledge, and support to align your organization.
  • We facilitate process and operational changes and use software to apply those changes at scale.
  • We focus on short-term, high-impact interventions. We want you to be successful in weeks, not months.
  • We utilize people science to enable these changes to stick.

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