Privacy Policy

Last updated on November 14th, 2017

Minsilo, Inc. ("Minsilo"), owner and producer of Minsilo ("Service" or "Services"), is committed to protecting the private information you share with us. In order for our service to help you run your business more effectively, we collect valuable data from your business to provide our service. We recognize the sensitive nature of the types of data you store with us. It is our goal to help your business protect the private and confidential nature of the data that you share on the Minsilo platform.

This privacy policy describes the type of information we collect when you use our Services, how we use that information, and what choices you have to control, update, or access that information. This policy also provides an overview of our security policies that are aimed at providing technological controls that protect your information.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for clarity on the definitions used herein, as well as to better understand our legal obligations that may affect your privacy. The Privacy Policy is a supplement to the Terms and Conditions and do not constitute an alternative.

Types of Information

There are two main types of information we collect from our users and customers:

Personally-Identifiable Information ("PII") is any information that can be used to personally identify you or another individual. This information may include, but is not limited to, information you voluntarily provide when using our service, identifying information provided by your web browser or connection to our network, or information collected from applications you use in conjunction with our service. Importantly, PII contains information that has not been encoded, anonymized or altered to remove identifiable components.Non-Identifiable Information ("NII") is any information that is collected or provided that doesn't provide personally identifiable information, even if the original source of the information is personally identifiable. Examples of NII include, but are not limited to, anonymized usage data, analytics, and non-identifying information about your web browser.

What We Collect

We collect information from you through three methods: information from using our Services, information you directly provide, and information collected from third-party applications you integrate with our service.

Information from using our Services includes data provided automatically by your web browser, such as browser type, screen resolution, language preference, referring site, and time and date of visit. Information may also be compiled to determine insights into how you use our services, such as aggregating data to determine length of visit, frequency of visits, time spent per page, and behavior while using our services. We also collect the IP address you use to access our website.We collect this information to better understand how our users engage with our platform. This information helps us to make better decisions with the future of Minsilo, as well as to allow us to make improvements to the platform. We may also use this information to design, test, and implement machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. We also make use of this information to protect our platform from misuse or abuse. We may use this information to identify you personally, in the event of misuse or abuse, in order to maintain the integrity and availability of our service.Information you provide directly when using our Service. Users and Customers of our Service may contribute information to Minsilo on a voluntary basis. This information typically includes, but is not limited to: status updates, comments, sentiment actions (such as liking an item), and team information. Furthermore, Customers may provide payment information in order to facilitate the billing process. Payment card information is handled through a third-party provider that is PCI Data Security Standard compliant and is never stored by Minsilo, its partners, or agents.We collect this information in order to provide our service and to facilitate Minsilo's business interests. This information is kept private to your organization, and is not shared between organizations.Information collected from third-party applications ludes any data that is transmitted through or to Minsilo for the purpose of providing automatically generated status updates, links to original sources, and summaries of existing data. We use this information in a manner similar to "Information you provide directly," although the data is collected automatically from the applications that you voluntarily integrate with our platform. Information collected from the integrations between third party applications and our service may include sensitive information that is available to the user account you use to integrate these applications.

Why We Collect Data

We collect data from you for two main reasons: to provide our service and to improve our Service. Most of the data we collect is in order to provide you the service. This data is kept private to your organization and is not shared with third parties, nor is it publically available. Our employees have limited access to this data, and are prohibited by company policy from accessing, modifying or otherwise viewing this data except to:

provide assistance in authorized customer service requests;ensure our Services remain available by performing periodic backups, data integrity checks, and other data maintenance operations;respond to security incidents;make improvements to our Services;comply with legitimate and lawful law enforcement or government requests;and/or to effectuate the termination of an account that has breached our Terms and Conditions or has downgraded services after the prescribed grace period (see Terms and Conditions).

Besides data used to provide our Service, we also collect data to facilitate our relationship with our Customers and Users, including to support:

BillingFraud DetectionMarketingCustomer SupportCommunication With Customers and Users

Data collected from our relationship with Customers and Users is never sold to third parties. We will not send you spam or try to upsell you. We use this information to better communicate with you as a customer, to provide relevant information about changes to and updates about our service, to provide support for our services, to make marketing and business decisions as a whole, to detect and prevent fraud, and to operate our subscription and billing operations.

Although we have access to data we collect, we're serious about limiting access to this data. Simply, less is more with regard to data access. Please contact us if you have additional concerns or questions about the type of access our employees have to your data.

How We Protect Your Data

We take data security seriously at Minsilo. All connections to and from Minsilo are protected using industry-accepted standards that are comparable to the type of security your financial institution offers. Technically speaking, we use the TLS 1.2 protocol, with an ECDHE_RSA key exchange and an AES256 cipher to encrypt the data in transit. This helps us to protect data from interception as it passes across our network and over the Internet.

Passwords are protected by salting and hashing the passwords and only storing a representative value in the database. We do not store your plaintext passwords (what you type into a login box). This means that even if the password hashes were made publically available, they could not be used to determine your original password or login to other services that share the same password. This does not mean you're fully protected from cross-site password leaks: if use the same password on another site that you use for Minsilo, and that website does not protect passwords adequately, your Minsilo account can also become compromised. It is your responsibility to use a unique password when setting up your account on Minsilo.

Data stored on our platform is protected through a variety of application level access control techniques and access to the underlying database is only available to the application server. Users cannot directly access the data in the database. Connections between the database server and the application servers are encrypted using SSH tunneling and is transmitted over an internal network. Direct access to the database is only available for operational purposes, such as replication and backup.

Please be aware that although Minsilo takes reasonable efforts to protect your data from loss or exposure, we cannot eliminate all risks. Given the dynamic nature of security, threats to data security are evolving every day. Security breaches can still occur despite our efforts to protect your data. As a User or Customer of our Service, you can further protect your data by using strong, unique passwords that are not shared on multiple accounts.

If you discover a security vulnerability, please email us at We encourage you to send a message encrypted using our PGP key (see below).


Click here for our public key.

Vendor Privacy Policies

As a software-as-a-service solution provider, we rely on our relationship with several vendors to provide key aspects of our service. Some of these providers are responsible for storing your data. Please see the list below for more information about these companies and their privacy policies:

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