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Minsilo's intelligent tools help your team stay aligned to the work that truly matters.

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Alignment Management made easy


Manage performance and set OKRs that your team will actually accomplish.


Track and visualize the metrics that matter to your team and your business.

Strategy & Purpose

Create the context for great work to happen, by connecting your people to your strategy and purpose.

Alignment Annotations

Connect the dots between the work that is being done and the big picture.

Companies with strong alignment perform better

Alignment is a powerful differentiator. With Minsilo, your team can unlock greater alignment and achieve better financial performance.

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estimated savings per employee
reduced project spend
faster growth

Everything you need to align your people

Minsilo is thoughtfully designed with real people in mind. We built Minsilo to help leaders like you accelerate progress and to get the most out of what you already have.

  • Collaborate with your team using one of our rich text editors that allow you to combine written prose with images, videos, graphs and tables.
  • Work on the same plans in real-time. Minsilo works just like Google Docs to let you work on the same things as your colleagues.
  • Write better goals using our AI-enabled onboarding process that helps you to craft SMART goals.
  • Start with one of dozens of blueprints from our Template Marketplace. No more starting from scratch or searching for the right tool for crafting your company's strategy, purpose, or goals.
  • Align all of the work happening in your business using one tool.

Works great with Slack

Get the power of Minsilo inside of Slack. Get notifications for the work that is relevant to you. Our Slack app even lets you to track and update your OKRs and KPIs without needing to switch apps.

Enterprise-grade security

Trust Minsilo to keep your data secure and available. Designed from the ground up to be secure, Minsilo has been architected to protect your data. We follow industry best practices around permissions, encryption, data storage, and backup.

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Integrate with the tools you already use

Capture work that is happening in the tools that you're already using and start aligning everything in your business. Empower individual contributors to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time delivering on results.

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