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The secret to success in any team is discipline. Discipline to get the right work done. Minsilo holds the right people accountable to the things that drive your business forward.

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In the past, managing accountability was difficult. You created a RACI matrix and clearly identified who does what. But then what? Engaging the right people was a manual process that involved a lot of email, meetings, and reports.

Minsilo simplifies the process of keeping every person on a team engaged with the information that is relevant to them.

Timely information sent to the right people

Minsilo’s IntelligentRACI™ puts the powerful RACI framework everywhere your team works.


Provide clear line of sight on the work that is being done, without needing to interrupt the process.


Save time by automating the process of gathering information from the team by instantly knowing how your people are doing.


Providing feedback and input is easier when you have the right tools. Easily share feedback and comments on every strategy, goal, and contribution.


Everybody who needs to know gets timely updates, ensuring they're always up to date on the work that matters to them.

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