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Alignment doesn't just happen – it requires active management. Minsilo provides the tools you need to align your team around the most impactful work.

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Connect the dots

See exactly how things relate in your organization and quickly connect the dots between strategy, goals, purpose and execution.


Track everyday activities and see how they relate to the goals that your team sets.


Align everything your team works on to strategy. Put the work that your team does into context.


Living up to your company's mission, vision, and values is essential to long-term success. Minsilo makes it easy to make every effort count.


Shift your team's mindset from output to outcomes, by connecting your team's contributions to the big picture.

Identify misalignment

Alignment is all about continuous improvement. Quickly identify misalignment before it becomes a problem by using Minsilo's alignment reporting tools.

Discover new opportunities for collaboration

In the past, managers were often unaware of the work other people were doing, even work that directly related to their team. Minsilo changes that by making it easy to find related work in all parts of the organization.

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