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Minsilo is the place for sharing the big picture. Connect work to your company’s purpose. Communicate strategic plans. Help your team understand why.

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Give your company purpose

Companies with purpose perform better. Create beautiful purpose boards that keep your company’s mission, vision and values front of mind.

Communicate strategy

Create a rich strategy that helps your team excel. Minsilo provides the tools to share and collaborate on every element of your strategy — from sales & marketing to product to operations.

Manage strategic alignment

Connect the dots between strategy and execution and proactively manage alignment, ensuring your strategy becomes reality.

Hold people accountable

Once you have a great strategy, you need people to execute towards it. Minsilo makes it easy to hold the right people accountable.

Craft a better strategy

Template Marketplace connects you to common strategic tools, like SWOT Analysis and Lean Canvas, and makes it a cinch to incorporate them into your own strategy.

The place for everything

Use Minsilo to craft your strategy or share existing strategy documentation, including PDFs and PowerPoints, using our attachments feature.

Collaborate with your team

Writing is one part of the equation. The other is brainstorming and making decisions on which goals to pick. Minsilo brings live chat right into the app, allowing your team to communicate about goals as you write them.

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