Know what everybody is working on

Manage the day-to-day with ease. Minsilo makes it simple to share status reports, run standups, and communicate progress within your team.

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Automate your daily rituals: standups, checkins, and more

If you're manually planning and managing repetitive tasks, you're wasting valuable time that could be spent elsewhere. Minsilo automatically engages your team on whatever cadence and schedule you set, so you can spend your time focusing on strategic priorities rather than daily rituals.

Focus on outcomes, not just outputs

In today's fast paced world, it's no longer sufficient to get a lot of work done – you have to get the right work done. Minsilo makes it easy to stay aligned to the big picture, ensuring your goals are completed and strategy is executed. All without the need for endless meetings, rigid processes, or management overhead.

An editor that's a joy to use

Too many collaboration tools make it a pain to write content. Minsilo was built with the writing experience as a first priority. Craft rich posts with all of the comforts of a full document editor. You can create tables, add images and videos, and format text however you'd like.

Minsilo x individual contributors = ♡

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See it all in one place

Getting an up-to-date status report from your team used to be a real chore. Minsilo engages your team directly, so they're reminded to post their status at a time you designate – either in app or via Slack. It even pulls in activity from the apps you're already using, so you always know what your team is working on in real time.

Built for teams that get serious work done

Minsilo was intentionally built for growing companies to get the day-to-day done with less overhead, allowing them to focus on strategic and high impact work.

By team, project, or person

Contributions can easily be filtered by team, project, or person. You can further narrow down your search by a date range – perhaps last sprint – and see exactly what happened.

Templates for everything

Don't reinvent the wheel. Minsilo comes with a number of high quality templates that help you manage everything from daily standups to new project kickoffs.

Post from Slack

Minsilo and Slack work great together. Easily post your daily standups from within Slack. No need for your team to sign into Minsilo to share their progress.

Markdown supported

Create rich updates with ease. Minsilo's beautiful editor lets you use Markdown shortcuts to write your contribution posts.

Mobile friendly

Optimized for mobile devices, so you can browse, share and post your contributions from anywhere.

Integrated with the tools you already use

Minsilo's powerful integration engine captures and archives the work that your team is doing where they already work.