OKRs done the SMART way

Minsilo combines OKRs with SMART goals to help you increase alignment and performance in your team.

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  • Attach related documents, whether it's on your computer or in the cloud.
  • Chat with your team inside the same tool you use to write goals.
  • Connect goals directly to purpose and strategy.
  • Discover new goal ideas for your business using our Template Marketplace.
  • Write better SMART goals, using our proprietary goal grading service (powered by MinsiloAI).
  • Hold people accountable with IntelligentRACI™, our accountability framework built for modern businesses.

Collaborate in real time

Writing goals that get accomplished is a team effort. Minsilo makes it a cinch to collaborate on one set of goals for the whole team — in real time and regardless of where you work. If you’ve used Office 365 or Google Docs, you’ll feel right at home.

Chat about goals with ease

Writing is one part of the equation. The other is brainstorming and making decisions on which goals to pick. Minsilo brings live chat right into the app, allowing your team to communicate about goals as you write them.


Connect the dots between goals and strategy. Minsilo enables you to quickly draw the connection between strategy, mission and goals, helping your team to stay better aligned.

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