Key Performance Indicators

Measure what you manage

Actively track and manage the metrics that matter to your team. See in an instant the status of your key performance indicators, with automated check-ins with the right people.

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Automated check-ins

Getting people to update their KPIs used to be a challenge. Not anymore with Minsilo. Minsilo automatically notifies the right person to update their KPIs on a cadence you set. By Slack or email.

Connect directly to goals

Performance indicators tell us where we are today. Goals tell us where we are headed. Minsilo makes it easy to connect KPIs to goals, allowing you to close the gap between where you are today and where you’ll be in the future.

Collaborate with your team

Managing performance is a team effort. Minsilo makes it simple to track and manage your team’s KPIs collaboratively, without needing to schedule meetings or send emails. You can even work on the same set of KPIs at the same time with our real-time editor.

Align your KPIs with goals and strategy

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