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Goals and Performance Management
Create and manage OKRs
Capture your company's goals in our intuitive and efficient OKR editor. No need to spend time fussing with complex wizards or menus. Easily capture your company's OKRs in list format.
Quarterly or Annual Goals
Track progress
Connected to execution
Connected back to the "why"
Discussions about goals
Goal grouping
By team, company-wide.
Manage and track company purpose
Communicate changes to company purpose over time
Engage your people in discussions about purpose
Automatically capture work in existing tools
Identify how contributions impact outcomes
Flag contributions that don't tie to results
Focus only on the most meaningful updates
Connect multiple contributions
Discussions about contributions
See all contributions for a team
Manage and track your portfolio of strategic plans.
Single source of truth for documents relating to your strategies
Connect broader strategic plans back to goals
Increase accountability by assigning a lead and many members for each strategy
Supported Methodologies
OKRs - Objectives & Key Results
V2MOM - Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Measures
MBO - Management by Objective
Extreme Ownership
Team Management & Security
Group organization model
Data encrypted in transit
Role based access control
Robust user authentication
Invite external users to collaborate with you
By email
Isolated installation
Contact for pricing
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Minsilo?
Minsilo is an alignment management solution that enables your company to connect day-to-day execution to goals, strategy, and purpose.
How do I get started with Minsilo?
Please click the "Request access" button at the top right of your screen.
Why is organizational alignment important for my business?
Organizational alignment is a critical component to any successful company's story. In brief, organizational alignment is all about getting the right people working on the right things at the right time.
Alignment is like buying a fast car, but forgetting to put gas in it. Just having great people won't make your company successful; actively leading your people to use the right tools - both in terms of software and in terms of offline practices - will help them reach their full potential.
I don't have a team of A players. Can Minsilo still help me to successful create a high performance culture?
Yes!  Even average teams can be successful with the right structure.
Minsilo is built around proven methodologies that are based on years of research into behavioral and organizational psychology, enabling success with any human team (sorry, robots).