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The best way to enable meaningful action
Shift your team's focus from output to outcome.
Stop cascading goals and start aligning work.
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How it all works
Collaborate from anywhere

Why work on your goals in a separate tool then copy it over?

Brainstorm in one document, add details to each goal when you're ready, and even reorganize your goals by dragging and dropping. Minsilo lets your team work on the same set of goals, purposes, or strategies all within one tool, no matter where your team members are.

No more OKR documents that nobody looks at after the first week of the quarter.

Align work with the big picture

What good are goals that aren't executed on? Shift the measure of success from output to outcome.

Minsilo makes it simple for your team to share status updates and provide everyone with feedback on what they're working on.

And since Minsilo is an alignment management tool, it's simple for your team to stay accountable to the strategic needs of your team and organization.

It's no longer enough to know what you're doing; you have to know why.

Everything in context

Go beyond the what and really hone in on the why.

Minsilo gives you a single source of truth about your company purpose and active strategic initiatives. company mission, vision, values and more.

With Minsilo, your team can be constantly connected back to the "why" helping them to make better decisions faster.

Given the current pace of innovation, relying on top-down communication is no longer adequate for companies that want to remain competitive.

Stop cascading goals and start aligning work.
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Built for how you work
Our alignment management solution gives your team superpowers.
Use Google Docs style editing with live team chat to supercharge your alignment process, no matter where your team is located.
Create and manage goals
The Goals and Performance Management tool allows you to create goals using your framework of choice (most teams choose OKRs) to establish goals that create results. From there, you can post updates, align goals back to efforts, and keep your team focused on the most important priorities.
Track progress on goals
Regular goal tracking is critical to successful execution. Minsilo makes it easy to actively manage your goals, keeping everybody up to date on progress and increasing accountability around execution.
Communicate purpose
Today's workforce doesn't just want to know what they need to work on — they want to know why it matters. Minsilo provides your team a single place to see your company's mission, vision, values, and anything else that matters to explain the reason behind your company's existance.
Strategic system of record
Clearly communicating strategy is simple in Minsilo. Our system-of-record approach allows you to input specific strategic initiatives, plans, and information, all while being able to connect it back to goals.
Stay up-to-date on the work being done in your team, understand how it connects back to the big picture, and increase transparency around execution with our simple to use Contributions feature.
Minsilo connects to tools your team is already using to get data about what people are working on, saving your team time on inputting information about what they worked on. You can request new integrations here.
Drag and drop interface
Organizing information in Minsilo is a cinch thanks to our powerful drag-and-drop interface.
Team alignment reports
Get real-time updates about how aligned your team is to your company's goals with rich alignment reports that give you visibility into your team's progress.