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Minsilo is the practical solution for successfully implementing Objectives & Key Results in your team.

Built on decades of research and practice

We engineered goals in Minsilo to use universally accepted best practices around strategic goal planning, helping you to remain focused on delivering results. It is built on dozens of years of research into what works best for setting and achieving high impact goals.
Objectives & Key Results
The 4 Disciplines of Execution
Hoshin Kanri

Bring your strategy to life

When used in conjunction with strategic planning, OKRs drives alignment and focus in your business. Minsilo puts goals in the same tool that you use for strategic planning.

Breeze through OKR planning

Whether you plan goals on a monthly, quarterly, or annual cadence, Minsilo is designed to make planning OKRs fast and simple.
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What are OKRs?
Objectives and Key Results is a goal setting framework used by thousands of high performing companies.

Reflect on your goals weekly

The key to achieving your goals is keeping them top of mind. Minsilo helps your team remain focused on the goals that matter, ensuring they get accomplished.
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Why it works
The #1 reason teams fail to accomplish strategic goals is they get caught up in the Whirlwind (as described in "The 4 Disciplines of Execution").

The Whirlwind includes all of the tasks that your business does to stay in business, but that don't help you progress on your strategic priorities. Weekly reflection helps your team stay on track and focused on making progress towards key strategic goals.

Keep a meaningful scorecard

Momentum and transparency are key ingredients to staying on track with strategic goals. With Minsilo, your team can instantly see how their goals are progressing and where special attention is needed.
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Align your goals to your strategy

Key Features

Stretch Goals
Minsilo supports grading goals from 0 to 1.0, allowing you to set stretch goals with your team.
Success Direction
Whether success looks like more, less, or staying the same, Minsilo has you covered.
Draw inspiration from dozens of key result templates.
Align goals
Easily connect goals across teams and departments.
Automated Reminders
Receive reminders to update your goals within Slack or by email.
Rich Editing
Minsilo was made for writing. Format your rich prose. Add images or embed videos. Even use tables.
Who it's for

For leaders who want to raise the bar

No matter what strategy you're working on, hypothesis testing is the most important first step to getting it right.
Product Managers

How do OKRs work?

Objectives and Key Results (or OKRs for short) is a goal setting framework that's popular in organizations of all industries and sizes. It was created by Andy Grove in the 1970s at Intel and has gained widespread popularity across both Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies, due in part to its simplicity.

Despite the simplicity of the framework, OKRs can be difficult to get right. The main cause is a lack of strategic alignment (including no strategy at all). Simply put, you must start first with a coherent strategy, before you can create goals.
Objectives are aspirational statements about what you'd like to accomplish. They tell your team where you're headed.

Example: Achieve $60K in annual revenue in the NYC metropolitan area market.
Key Results
Key Results explain how you'll accomplish your objectives. They are often SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound.

Example: Close 30 new contracts worth at least $2K each by the end of Q4.
Once you've defined your goals, the second most common challenge teams face with OKRs is the lack of integration into existing business processes. In many businesses, goals are set once per quarter and are promptly forgotten about until the end of the quarter.

In order for OKRs to work effectively, teams need to regularly review and update their goals, ensuring their day-to-day work aligns with the strategic priorities of the business. Many teams find success with adding OKR reviews to their weekly team all-hands meeting.

How Minsilo helps you succeed at planning and executing on OKRs
First, Minsilo connects strategic planning and goals. It is simple to start your goal planning process by defining (or referring to) your strategy. As an added benefit, defining your strategy alongside the goals you set helps your team to know exactly "why are we pursuing these goals" and "why are we doing things this way?" Understanding the business context behind OKRs helps your team to make better decisions and execute more intentionally.

Second, Minsilo facilitates the necessary process change for teams to succeed with OKRs. Through the use of both Standups and automated reminders, your team is able to remain engaged with their goals, ensuring they're thinking about them regularly. These powerful automations help managers stay focused on delivering results, not nagging their team for updates.

Third, Minsilo helps you view your team's progress over time. Not only is this a powerful way to keep your team engaged by showing them what they've accomplished, it helps facilitate learning and process improvement. Research shows that teams that are committed to continuous improvement outperform the competition.