Hypothesis Testing

Validate your strategy from the start

Find the right strategy quickly by using Minsilo to rapidly test, learn and iterate.
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Designed for all types of strategies

No matter what kind of strategy you're working on, hypothesis testing is the most important first step to getting it right.
Product Launches
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Built to be Lean

Minsilo is the world's first Lean Hypothesis Testing software tool.  Purpose built for high velocity companies that want to get it right before investing time and money into new opportunities.

Create your hypothesis

Craft your hypothesis by defining your hypothesis, assumptions, and tests. Collaborate with your team to formulate the best hypothesis to validate your strategy with.
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Backed by research
Lean Hypothesis Testing is a practical approach built on the principles of Design Thinking and the Lean Startup methodology.

How it works

What do you believe must be true in order for your strategy to work?
What conditions need to be true for your hypothesis to be valid?
How will you prove that your assumptions (and your hypothesis) are valid?

Test your assumptions

Testing your hypothesis couldn't be simpler. Select from a number of testing templates or design your own. Easily keep track of the results of your strategy – all in one tool.
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Types of experiments

Decide what to do next

Turn the results of your experiments into action.

Provide full context behind the decisions that you make, so your team knows exactly where you stand. You can even poll your team for their thoughts on how you should proceed.
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Understand where your team stands on each decision.
Dig deeper into each decision by bringing the entire conversation into one place.
Provide all of the details about decisions to your team.

Get your strategy right from the start

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Leaders that create the future

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Everything you need to get it right.

Multiple Hypotheses
Dive into each element of your strategy with separate hypothesis tests.
Work Iteratively
As you continue to refine your hypothesis, Minsilo is there to help you keep track of each iteration.
Not sure where to start? Minsilo includes rich templates for your hypothesis, assumptions, tests, and decisions.
Minsilo is a simple, yet flexible tool for hypothesis testing.
Go beyond sticky notes and meetings.
Maintain full context so your team can execute with confidence.