Asynchronous Standups

A smarter way to standup

Save time while keeping your team focused by conducting your daily standup meetings in Slack.
"Minsilo alleviated the overhead of status reporting, so we have more time to focus on demos and building culture during our daily standup."
Jesse Whitworth
Director of Engineering, Fisherman

Keep everybody in the loop

Use Minsilo to automate your daily standup meetings, so you can remain focused on the work that matters most.

Respond in Slack or in Minsilo

Every morning (or any time you specify), your team will receive a message from the Minsilo Bot. Your team can respond right inside of Slack or by clicking a button to open Minsilo.

After each team member answers their standup reminder, Minsilo will automatically post a message in a Slack channel of your choosing.
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The 3 Basic Standup Questions

"What did you work on yesterday?"
"What are you working on today?"
"Do you have anything that's preventing you from working today?"

The easiest way to conduct async standups

The place for progress

Keep track of your daily standups all in one place. Breeze through 1:1s and performance reviews by sifting through the standups your team members have posted over the past few weeks, months or quarters.
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Designed For

Individual contributors

Engineering Teams
Marketing Teams
Knowledge Workers

Everything you need to get it right.

Post In Slack
Your team can share their status without leaving Slack.
System of Record
Keep track of all of your team's progress inside one easy-to-use tool.
Respond to your standup in Slack or choose from one of several status reporting templates.
Work Asynchronously
Stay in sync without everybody needing to hop on the same call.
Save Time
Daily standups should be short, but often run over time. Running your daily standup in Minsilo saves time.
Traditional daily standups can be limited on time, leaving some unable to share the full story of what they worked on.