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Make strategy happen

Minsilo is a comprehensive strategic planning suite. Ideate, plan, and design your smartest strategy yet.
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Designed for all types of strategies

Product Launches
Business Model
Product-Market Fit

Designed for dreamers.
Built for doers.

For your strategy to succeed, you need to match vision with a sense of reality. Minsilo helps you build innovative strategies that are based in fact.

Define your strategy

Minsilo helps you construct better strategic plans by giving you one place to brainstorm, test, and iterate on your strategy.

Once you've crafted the right plan for your startup, use Minsilo to assign responsibility, set goals, manage tasks, and track day-to-day execution.
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Build on proven execution plans

Not sure where to start? Minsilo provides a number of templates to help you think through and plan the most important aspects of your strategy.

Use tools like a SWOT Analysis or Business Model Canvas all without needing to leave Minsilo.
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Turn your strategy into tasks and goals

Once you've perfected your strategy, Minsilo makes it simple to translate your plan into action. Easily connect your strategy to goals and tasks all within one tool.
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